Mangorove River Cruise & Turtle Sanctuary

Jawa Jiwa river cruise offers a truly unforgettable experience and sights at the Alas Purwo National Park Mangrove River. We take you on an escape to another world, a tropical natural paradise.

Mangrove River Cruise & Bird Watching

Jawa Jiwa river cruise is your entry point into the Alas Purwo National Park, river cruising down the Segora Anak. The cruise provides an exhilarating start to your adventure.

Segoro Anak River

Mangrove formations in the Alas Purwo National Park area are mostly located along the Segoro Anak River, located in several forest blocks such as Pondok Welit Block, Pangpang Bay and Perpat.

Segoro Anak is the widest mangrove forest in East Java, home to 26 kinds species of mangrove from 16 mangrove geneses , the river is dominated by Rhizophora, Bruguiera, Avicennia, and Sonneratia, and two species of rare mangrove the Schypiphora hydrophylaceae and Ceriops decandra varieties.

Segoro Anak is 18.8 km in length and commences with a width of 400m before narrowing throughout your cruise.

Migratory birds from Australia and large monitor lizards as well as several species of monkeys are witnessed regularly during our cruises. You will disembark at Bedul before heading towards Ngegalan.

Turtle Sanctuary

You are now deep inside the Alas Purwo National Park & before reaching Jawa Jiwa we will stop at Ngegelan Turtle Breeding Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is venture between the WWF and Indonesian National Park Authority providing a safe sanctuary and actively increasing the turtle population within the area.

The Alas Purwo National Park is home to 5 species of turtle, the only area in Indonesia offering Jawa Jiwa guests the opportunity to view and hold this amount of species in the same area.

Jawa Jiwa also conducts Night Turtle Nesting Tour.


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