Bird Watching

Jawa Jiwa river cruise offers a truly unforgettable experience and sights at the Alas Purwo National Park Mangrove River. We take you on an escape to another world, a tropical natural paradise.

Bird & Nature Watching

This activity is best carried out in the morning and evening which are active times for birds. This activity is carried out by tracing the path which is the path of the chirping birds in Alas Purwo National Park.

Guided Bird Walks

The Alas Purwo National Park is a Bird watcher’s must, In 2006, research was conducted to compare the diversity of bird species in the Baluran and Alas Purwo National Parks, East Java Province.

The research was conducted throughout the month of April 2006 using the IPA method.

The parameters of the observation were species numbers, the total number of each species, the total number of all species, the Shannon diversity and the equitability or evenness indexes, the Simpson diversity and the equitability index.

The results showed that the Alas Purwo has more bird species numbers than Baluran National park with a total of 227 recorded species.


Surfing Doctors at Jawa Jiwa

The crew at Surfing Doctors will be staying at Jawa Jiwa Surf Camp – Just At The Right Time of G-Land Best Waves!

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