Jungle & Cultural Trek

Alas Purwo National Park has a lot of exotic natural beauty in the form of sites, caves, savannahs, and beaches.

Jungle & Cultural Trekking At Alas Purwo National Park

This activity is good for visitors who have an adventurous spirit because they can feel the natural beauty of the Alas Purwo National Park area by entering it directly.

Jungle Trekking

Jawa Jiwa offers a choice of four guided jungle treks from the lodge, each trek provides guests a different mix of flora, fauna, spiritual and cultural experience.

  • Pancur – Trainggulasi – Sadengan
  • Pancur – Goa Istana – Sadengan
  • Pasaranyar – Watu Pecah – Perpat
  • Plengkung – Pancur – Pondok Waru


Alas Purwo is taken from the word “Purwo”, which in Java language means “Kawitan” or starters.

Followers of Javanese mysticism believe the park has been a sacred space for centuries, drawing mystics from elsewhere in Java to experience its spiritual power.

Cultural Trekking

Each trek sets out either in the morning or late afternoon and takes Jawa Jiwa guests on a mystical spiritual experience whilst absorbing the parks sacred natural rainforest settings surrounded by the wildlife that find sanctuary within the Alas Purwo.

The parkland is relatively flat but has rolling hills concealing many caves that are used for mediation. Mystics, shaman, or those in search of the inner self (Kebatinan) spend days – even years – at a time exploring the parallel world of spirits said to exists in the park.

Each year during the auspicious Javanese month of Suro, which marks the Javanese New Year, hundreds of people of all religious beliefs make the pilgrimage to the park to meditate, make offerings to Nyai Loro Kidul, the goddess of the South Sea, and to harvest the supernatural energy of the place.


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