Kawah Ijen Crater Tour

Witness the magic of the Ijen’s mesmerizing blue fire, and stunning sunrise at the top of the volcano, trekking tour of the Ijen volcano from Jawa Jiwa.

Kawah Ijen Crater Private Tour

Head up to the Ijen volcano complex to see the famous “blue flame”, and amazing sunrise,  with this guided tour. Our guide will take you through beautiful jungled landscapes and up to the mountain, where you’ll get the chance to see blue flames ablaze.

Kawah Ijen

The Ijen Volcano complex is a group of composite volcanoes located three hours’ drive from Jawa Jiwa.

Ijen Volcano has a one-kilometer-wide turqoise-colored acidic crater lake. The lake is the site of a labor-intensive sulfur mining operation, in which sulfur-laden baskets are carried by hand from the crater floor.

The work is paid well considering the cost of living in the area but is very dangerous.

Workers earn around Rp50,000 – Rp75,000 (USD$5.50 – USD8.30) per day and once out of the crater, still need to carry their loads of sulfur chunks about three kilometers to the nearby Paltuding Valley to get paid.

You will experience this primitive and strenuous form of mining throughout the tour.

Kawah Ijen Blue Flame

The famous blue flame, the vlue fire phenomenon is ignited sulfuric as, which emerges from cracks at temperaturs up to 600 celcius. The flames can be up to five meters high: some of the gas condenses to liquid and is still ignited. It is the largest blue flame area in the world and local people refer to it as “Blue Fire”


A two-hour hike is required to reach the rim of the crater, followed by a 45-minute hike down to the bank of the crater.

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